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Become a Pilot

Few things in life beat the sense of freedom and accomplishment that come from learning to pilot your own aircraft, and taking to the skies whenever you please.

Whether this be on a local scenic flight or something more adventurous across the sea and possibly into Europe being in charge of your own timetable and where you visit makes becoming a pilot your proudest day!


Always thought having a pilots licence was for the rich and famous?

Absolutely not, becoming a microlight pilot is the cheapest yet most self rewarding form of aviation. Cost depends on how many hours the individual takes to reach the required standard but rest assured we'll guide & mentor you every step of the way. Your training can be as condensed or spread out to suit anyones budget.

Drop in and have a coffee & chat with some of our qualified pilots and you'll see they're from all walks of life, who just have a passion for flying, or always had that idea in the back of their head "wonder if I could be a pilot"

Life can be very stressful, it helps to make time for ourselves. We believe that there is nothing like taking to the skies to get away from it all. And doing something you have only dreamed of – like piloting a small aircraft – it's an extraordinary achievement. 

This can be you- Give us a call and start the journey

Private Pilot Requirements

Kernan Flying School offers flight training up to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved British Microlight Aircraft Association NPPL(M) standard.

- The NPPL Licence requires a minimum of 25hrs training

  • 10hrs of which must be solo

This is a minimum requirement and we have found the average is between 40 & 50hrs. But each student is different and we move at the pace set by the student.

- Instruction hours may be logged towards a licence from 14 years of age

  • Pilots may fly solo from 16 years of age.

  • Pilots may hold a licence from 17 years of age.

  • There is no upper age limit.

- Pass 5 Ground Exams.

- Pass a General Skills Test

The General Skills Test (GST) is carried out by one of our CAA approved examiners and everything is available here on our airfield. We are one of the few flying schools in Ireland to provide this service.

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